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Business for Good

In the brief time since its explosive regional launch, Business for Good has rapidly become a leading voice for community renewal. When the nonprofit outgrew its initial website at the same time it was making national news, leaders approached us to create a brand-new site with room to grow.

Business for Good launched in late 2020 with concentrated efforts to alleviate social and systematic barriers and support community revitalization in cities and towns across New York’s Capital Region.

By Fall 2022, extensive networking and headline-making philanthropic work had generated opportunities to team up with local leaders, prominent changemakers, national media and even a few well-known celebrities from across the country. The organization needed to relaunch its company site and online presence quickly!

A team from Borgos Marketing collaborated closely with Business for Good staff to develop and create the new site on a tight timeline, while structuring it to accommodate updates and expansion as the organization grows.

While the primary goal was to establish a more commanding visual presence and user experience, the site also:
• Clarifies the unique aspects of the Business for Good model
• Brings case studies front and center to drive engagement
• Keeps news coverage prominent