Borgos Marketing & Events

St. Mary’s Healthcare

St. Mary's Healthcare, Amsterdam, was separating from a national hospital network to re-establish itself as an independent local healthcare system. In the process, it was imperative that the system beat a launch deadline set by the network it was leaving while introducing its renewed identity to patients, donors, colleagues, and media contacts.

Professionals from Borgos Marketing joined forces to envision, architect, create, develop, and optimize the new, nearly 400-page site in six months. We worked closely with St. Mary's marketing team to ensure the site advanced business goals, such as:
• Surfacing information about locations, providers, and services for patients
• Making bill payment, donations, event sign-up, and patient and staff portal access simple to use--and to administer
• Shooting an extensive new image library to eliminate the need for stock photography
• Portraying the cutting-edge nature of the services available at the community hospital
• Optimizing the site to perform competitively in search engine rankings